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  1. Tis The Season To Be Jolly And Sparkle by Belle

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    Let's talk glitz for December, after all when we are sparkling we are inspiring. Glitter for Christmas doesn't have to just be on the decorations, it can be all over you too. There are many ways to wear it, from lips to hair. Let's start with lips, sparkly lips will always make a statement. Make sure you go for a good lip glitz so you get that nice soft and smooth feeling. If you pick the wrong one it can feel very prickly are hard, and you will spend the day uncomfortable. So do you research and checkout reviews. 
    Next we have eyes, now great thing about makeup grade glitter is you can use it anywhere on your face so you can use your lip one for your eyes and vica versa. Be careful when picking your colours for the eyes as some can make you look washed out. When choosing a eye glitter ALWAYS make sure it's cosmetic grade. Silver is always a great eye glitter to choose and suits most skin tones. 
    Dec Beauty
    When thinking glitter did you ever think of a glitter highlighter? Yes that's right use your glitter to highlight. Or even make a cute design like snowflakes or holly. It's festive and fun. Also don't forget the hair, festival season maybe over but that doesn't mean that amazing glitter hairstyle can't be used to make Christmas fun.
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    Lip glitz I love: Acti-labs £15 for 2,
    Dec Beauty Ruby-Slippers-Box-Front-510x600
    Beautyblvd £12.50 each 
    Tip of the month: For amazing lips each night do a light sugar scrub, esp in winter. Mix a small amount or sugar with either honey or coconut oil and gently rub on your lips. Your lipstick will look so amazing with smoother lips. 
    Hot colours for Christmas: Of course red is always instyle at Christmas, but what other colours? First is hot pink, perfect for them Christmas nights out. Then we have nude, perfect for winter days. 
    Dec Beauty 14582495_1079505192175843_1595415947705843712_n Dec Beauty 9875648fd3615484957fe24a9aa0d3d0
  2. Let's Talk Skincare by Belle

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    Let's talk skincare, because good make-up starts with good skincare. Firstly ask yourself "do you have a good routine?"

    A good routine will consist of cleansing, toning and exfoliating. No matter if you have been wearing make-up that day or not the basic skincare is vital for clearer, younger looking skin. When a good routine is in place you will also find a difference in your makeup appearance. Coverage will be smoother, application will be easier and any look will be more easily achieved.

    Best basic routine:

    MORNING- cleanse, tone, moisturise, and then add makeup.

    NIGHT TIME- cleanse, exfoliate, tone, then your pick of cream (collagen, night cream, serum).

    Always remember to take your make-up off at the end of the day

    Tip- After you have taken off your make-up and you have cleansed and toned, splash cold water on your face to close your pores.

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    Product of the month: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

    This product is very smooth and has bright pigment tones. I give this 5/5

    Belle Beauty


    January colours:

    Just because the festive season is over doesn't mean you have to go back to the basic nude colours. Make this years resolution to experiment with colour.

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  3. Makeup Tips by Belle

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    Belle - Make up tips

    This month’s product of the month is Lipsense by “Shreersense”. LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or colour. LipSense is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip and comes in a wide variety of shades and textures as the original long-lasting lip colour, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off. Just as important it does not dry out your lips, in fact, it helps to restore the moisture content of your lips when used properly. LipSense Liquid Lip Colour can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours. This amazing lipstick lets you create your own colour palette by combining colours from over 50 shades.


    I personally love this lipstick and wouldn't be without it. No reapplying throughout the day and no marks left on my glass as I drink. My favourite colour for this season has to be blue/red. Perfect for them upcoming festive parties and autumn days out. Using Matte gloss in the day and Glossy gloss in the night I get two amazing styles from just one colour.


     Belle - Make up tips 2

    Tip of the month:
    Do you find when your using powder it goes on clumpy? Well, that maybe because you don't tap your brush before you use it. Once you have dipped your brush in your chosen powder tap your brush gently on your wrist to drop the excess powder then apply. You will find this gives a smooth even coverage. Use this technique when applying all powders including eye shadows.



    This seasons colours:
    The festive season is on its way and this seasons colours couldn't be more fitting to the Autumn/Winter theme. This season’s colours are reds and pinks. Not only are these colours beautiful and consist of shades to suit all skin tones they are very versatile. So let’s get straight to the point of how to wear them.


    Let’s start with red. Deep reds look amazing with most skin tones and go great with a nice light contour and natural or smoky eye. Deep reds when worn right will help with the allusion of darker more sun kissed skin and blend in well with the darker days. Lighter/bolder reds are harder to wear correctly. When choosing a brighter/bolder red always check to make sure it suits your skin tone. Try not to be too bold or use other bright colours on the eyes when using a brighter red lipstick, your lips will be standing out so you don't need to go overboard with the rest of your makeup.

    Belle - Make up tips 3

    Now, for your pinks. Pink looks amazing on anybody you just need the right shade to suit you and your personality. Pinks are very versatile and can really help finish your look. You have your deeper/bolder pinks which are perfect for a night out and your lighter pinks are perfect for the natural look or if you want the focus on your eyes. The great thing about pink is that there is a shade to suit all eye colour choices, so weather your going for the smoky eye or doing bright colours you will find a pink to finish your look.


    Belle - Make up tips 4

    Product review:
    This month I tested the Acti-labs Vendome palette. With a choice of 2 pallets (one matte, one shimmer) these pallets give a great choice of colours. Smooth to apply and deep pigments leave your eyes looking amazing. Packaging is lovely and the price is very good for what you get. I highly recommend this pallet and feel it is a perfect addition to any makeup case. For your pallet check out