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  1. New Release - Kingsman The Golden Circle: Review by Eanna

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    Eanna Hot Picks Kingsman

    A brilliantly well-paced movie, with jaw-dropping stunts and CGI scenes. A beautiful balance between raw emotion, exciting action, engaging character development, and a fantastic plotline. More exciting than its predecessor, but less comical, although, I still found myself laughing at its hilarity. The action scenes in this franchise are very well shot, as they centralise to the centre of the screen, meaning you never have to look around the screen and struggle to follow the action. This makes the action scenes feel as though you’re really there. With a great cameo appearance from Elton John, one of the most inclusive celebrity cameo’s I’ve ever seen, this film has an amazing balance of comedy and action. Also, if you’re a fan of Channing Tatum, he makes a quirky little addition to this already hilarious movie. A great night out at my local cinema watching a film I knew was going to be just as classy as its characters. I eagerly await its next instalment. This gets a 10 out of 10 stars from me – I was left truly stunned by its awesomeness. 

  2. Rick and Morty review by Eanna

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    Eanna Hot Picks Rick and Morty Season Three

    Season three of Rick and Morty is as funny and clever as the previous two seasons. It has a strong focus on family relationships and explores how Rick really feels toward his family. It takes a different story path than the previous seasons, as there are less silly adventures and more serious, emotion-building scenes. You would think this has a dampening effect of the quality of comedic value, but the creators of this show know just how to balance the important, with the funny and ridiculous. While exploring important emotions between all characters, the show manages to make you laugh and reminds you that we’re still watching Rick and Morty. I missed the adventures about dimension traversing and species exploration, but overall, I felt the season really delved deeply into the lives of the main characters, which is what I felt lacked in the previous seasons. Here’s to hoping season four is a carefully balanced, funny season, with both emotional exploration and silly adventures. This season gets a good 7.5 out of 10 from me. 

  3. Persona 5 games review by Eanna

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    Eanna Hot Picks Persona 5

    Persona 5, a JRPG developed by Atlus, is a role-playing game with a unique story difference. A fantastic mixture between anime-style stories and traditional RPG features, this had me hooked from beginning to end. With socialising features, that can rival that of Sims, and high-end, beautiful artistry, and an amazing soundtrack, this game is bound to get anyone addicted. You play a main character, who has the ability to delve into someone’s distorted subconscious, and change their dark desires. While befriending many amazing and unique characters along the way, you soon find yourself battling social injustice, while maintaining your normal high school life. This is an absolute credit to anime and RPG’s alike, as it manages to mix the best of both worlds into one incredible game. In terms of its development from its predecessor, Persona 4, it has a clearer story-drive, with less control over the time frame, which has allowed for a faster-paced structure. However, at times it can force the story along, without giving you any freedom, and this lets the game down for anyone who loves the freedom the RPG genre gives you. A 9/10 from me and a round of applause.