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  1. DIY Tricks For Independent Chicks by Belle

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    Lets talk wallpaper!

    Belle DIY 

    We all love abit of DIY but one thing most people struggle with that you honestly would think is easy, is hanging wallpaper. It really isn't as easy as it seems as if done wrong can look odd and uneven and that's just not what you want.

    Firstly make sure you walls are smooth and clean, and that you have all your equipment is ready. Then you are going to work from the centre of the wall, this is going to make the room feel even. Your going to cut your first piece, to do this measure the height of the wall and add 100mm to get your drop length. Then on a clean, dry pasting table. Double check the way your paper comes off the roll. The design could be upside down.


    Make sure you work with the design the right way up. Find the point in the design you want to see at the top of the wall. Cut straight across the paper about 50mm above that. You’ll trim the extra off after you’ve hung the wallpaper. Measure out the drop length on the back of your paper. Mark a straight line across the back and make your cut. Put a dustsheet on the floor will help keep your wallpaper clean as you work. (Straight match patterns. Check the label of your paper. A symbol with two arrows opposite one another means it’s a straight match pattern where the left and right sides line up) Check your first drop dry against the wall before you paste or cut any more. If the ceiling height varies, cut each drop one at a time and number it on the back so you know which drop goes where. Unroll your next drop on top of your first and line up the pattern on the side furthest away from you. Cut your second drop to match your first. Keep offcuts to use above doors. (Drop match patterns. When you see a drop match symbol it means the pattern is staggered so the next drop matches up (usually) half way down the first. Put your first drop back on the pasting table, then unroll the next length so the pattern matches on the near side and cut to match the top of the previous drop.

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