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New Author Review: by Eanna

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In a world ravished by the rule of a tyrannical king, one kid has the chance to save the world. Running away from the evil parenting of his father, king Navine, and hoping for a better life, was just one of the grand dreams and ambitions Tony had—however unlikely they may be. But when he’s plunged into a life and death battle, his chances for escape becomes apparent. Dragging his brother, Padrick, with him, he meets two Drojang tamers from the east with an incredible story. He’s suddenly thrown into a world of magic, chaos, and death, and he’s not sure he will live to talk about it. Can he be the saviour everyone hopes him to be?

Jessica Wing wrote an amazing story that I had the pleasure of working on earlier in the summer. As an editor, it’s rare that I get the chance to work on a story that’s this thought out. It’s comprehensive planning, character development, settings, and world building, all make this an amazing read. I was hooked from start to finish and will always recommend it to anyone seeking a well written, young adult adventure novel. The characters are ones you can connect with, as you grow with their personalities and developing relationships. This gets a well-deserved 8 out of 10 stars from me. 

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