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Indie Author Review: by Eanna

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Boston College, Massachusetts, holds an ancient secret, one of love and power—one that has the chance to end the world. Darcy and Nora are together, Char has been saved, and everyone is safe, but that doesn't mean their troubles are over. In their fight to track down the elemental souls, an unexpected guest pops into their story—Lilly, the Elemental Guide. But what does that mean for their journey? Can she be helpful, or is she another enemy? Maybe, it's not that simple.

After recently working on the beautiful second instalment of the Statera saga, I am truly blown away by the spirituality in this story. Amy Marie has created an amazing story, which truly keeps you captivated. It's a fantastic representation of its genre, Young Adult Fiction, and will leave you needing more from the characters. She beautifully balances characterisation, romance, plot, and humour to create an epic mixture of fun and adventure. If you haven't checked out the Statera Saga already, I recommend you do so. This is the next amazing book series you'll need on your shelves if you're a fan of YA Fiction!  This gets a fabulous 9 out of 10 stars from me. 

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