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Poison Study by Maria V Snyder - Review by Eanna

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poison study 

Poison Study by Maria V Snyder:

This is one of my favourite books, as its action flows better than any other book I’ve read. The author, Maria V Snyder, has even given workshops on the topic. I was lucky enough to receive the notes. J It has an awesome story with a really emotionally capturing set of characters. The tension and increased pacing has been beautifully crafted. My only criticism is that the rest of the series is a massive let down. The characters are not consistent, and I like consistent characters because I become attached to them, so to have them separate and almost never see again was a major disappointment. I feel as though POV jumping could have used to bridge the gap created by this. This gets a good 7/10 stars for me. I can’t give it higher due to the rest of the series, but I always come back to this book for a light and enjoyable read.

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