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The Man Who Invented Christmas: Review by Eanna

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The Man Who Invented Christmas

As a writer, I cried and laughed all the way through this movie. I cannot begin to explain to you all how much it means to have a movie accurately portray both sides of being a writer. It’s not all fun and games, or struggling to find the right word. Trying to balance your reality with your own delusional fantasies can be really challenging, and at times it’s maddening. This film perfectly captured that. It acted beautifully by the talented Dan Stevens, and captured the true heart of bringing the characters to life. I learned so much about Charles Dickens life and how he wrote his books, that I left wanting to make serious headway on my own. If you want some writing inspiration to start a novel, or finish the one you’re on, then watch this. It’s nothing less than beautiful. This gets another 9/10 stars from me, and I cannot wait to watch it next Christmas and make it a tradition.

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