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"How To", New Years Resolutions by Belle

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New Year

Its a new year and i know your all picking your resolutions, but ask yourself "do you stick to them?"

I bet the answer is "no"

Well lets look at why? The main reason being we pick something that is unrealistic or something we aren't really passionate about. So lets solve this.

1 - Pick a resolution that means something to you. So i you really do need to lose weight for the summer then yes pick it, but make sure there is passion and motivate behind it. Put a full plan in place.

2- Don't pick something to big. If you pick something you don't feel you can handle for a full year then don't do it. You will only feel disappointed if you fail so why put yourself through that. You don't have to pick something big, it can be something really small like drink 1 litre of water per day to be healthier.

3- Don't do one if you don't want to. Don't feel pressured you need a new years resolution. If you don't want one then just don't have one, its your life.

4- Pick a resolution you can do with a friend. Your more likely to stick to a resolution if you have support. Its also more fun this way.

5- Keep track. Keeping track of your resolution, either in a diary or in a blog, your more likely to stick to it.

Why not let me know your resolutions and how you plan to stick to them and how well your doing? The best ones will be feathered in a future issue. 

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