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Tis The Season To Be Jolly And Sparkle by Belle

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Let's talk glitz for December, after all when we are sparkling we are inspiring. Glitter for Christmas doesn't have to just be on the decorations, it can be all over you too. There are many ways to wear it, from lips to hair. Let's start with lips, sparkly lips will always make a statement. Make sure you go for a good lip glitz so you get that nice soft and smooth feeling. If you pick the wrong one it can feel very prickly are hard, and you will spend the day uncomfortable. So do you research and checkout reviews. 
Next we have eyes, now great thing about makeup grade glitter is you can use it anywhere on your face so you can use your lip one for your eyes and vica versa. Be careful when picking your colours for the eyes as some can make you look washed out. When choosing a eye glitter ALWAYS make sure it's cosmetic grade. Silver is always a great eye glitter to choose and suits most skin tones. 
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When thinking glitter did you ever think of a glitter highlighter? Yes that's right use your glitter to highlight. Or even make a cute design like snowflakes or holly. It's festive and fun. Also don't forget the hair, festival season maybe over but that doesn't mean that amazing glitter hairstyle can't be used to make Christmas fun.
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Lip glitz I love: Acti-labs £15 for 2,
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Beautyblvd £12.50 each 
Tip of the month: For amazing lips each night do a light sugar scrub, esp in winter. Mix a small amount or sugar with either honey or coconut oil and gently rub on your lips. Your lipstick will look so amazing with smoother lips. 
Hot colours for Christmas: Of course red is always instyle at Christmas, but what other colours? First is hot pink, perfect for them Christmas nights out. Then we have nude, perfect for winter days. 
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